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A complete solution for campus management

The university management system is a comprehensive system designed to automate the processes performed in a university. It helps to automate all the operations such as monitoring attendance of students and staff, admission and enrolment processes, course allotments, fee payment and collection, payroll management, hall ticket generation, time-table creation, accreditation procedures, and many more, with help of ERP, SIS, LMS and CRM Systems.

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University Management Modules

Skolaro University Management System has 50+ modules which are designed keeping in mind the different needs of a university. It is a cloud based ERP solution and can be customized as per the requirements of the university.

Student Management

  • Centralized admission
  • Fees collection
  • Learning management system
  • University Examination
  • Placement management
  • Academic management
  • time-tabe/attendance

Faculty Management

  • HR And Payroll Management
  • Mobile apps
  • Library management
  • Biometric attendance
  • Financial management System
  • Leave Management
  • Appraisal Management

Campus Administraton

  • Purchase, Store and Inventory
  • General Administration
  • Hostel Management
  • College affiliation
  • Healthcare management
  • Online assessment
  • Accreditation framework

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Benefits of University Management Software

Skolaro ERP for university management offers all the features which are required to manage a university seamlessly. It helps to manage the multi campus of a university and automate all the processes like admission, fees, student records, examination etc.

Saves Resources

A university management software helps to automate the process like admissions, attendance and fee collection etc. It helps to save the admin’s time and efforts. It ultimately leads to reducing manual efforts and saving resources.

Connecting Stakeholders

A university management software helps in making it easier for all the stakeholders to connect as it eases the communication process. A university ERP helps to make each and every process transparent and improves the communication between all the stakeholders.

Optimize Expenses

When each and every process becomes digital, it reduces the manual work and hence less resources are required. Apart from this it also helps in reducing data storage expenses as all the data is being saved on the cloud.

Generate Reports & Analytics

A university management software helps to generate different customizable reports which helps the university in making informed decisions.

Better Learning

With the help of a university management software, faculties can improve the learning process of the students by providing them personalized learning experience. It helps in identifying weak areas of the students and aiding it accordingly

Decision Making

A university management system helps to provide a lot of information on each and every process in the university and hence the management can make decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A university management system is a web based solution which helps in managing the entire university processes which includes all aspects of colleges affiliated with that university. It has all the modules which help in conducting, monitoring and analyzing all the complex activities of colleges. A university management software helps in making the university administration work simple and easy. A university management software has a user-friendly interface that manages each and every aspect of workflow and integrates all university processes. Right from streamlining operations like student enrollment, admissions, assessments & online examinations, online result publishing, to alumni management, it eliminates manual work & helps universities achieve maximum productivity by computerizing student, staff & administration lifecycles and minimizing the hassles of the university administration.

A university management system is helpful as colleges can manage activities like student attendance, fee, exam, library records and much more. This solution is designed in order to minimize the complexity faced by the universities to manage odd-even semesters simultaneously. It is easy to install and ready to use college management systems configured with all types of operating system and Mobile devices. With this reliable and secure solution the college can now achieve the goal of becoming a paperless organization.

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