Skolaro Library Management System

Organize your library data, issue/return books and generate reports to track and manage your school library efficiently.

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What is the Library Management System?

Skolaro library management system helps to manage all the library activities. It helps librarians to maintain the database of new books and the books that are borrowed by members along with their due dates. It also helps to reduce the operational cost and saves time of both the student and librarian. Skolaro helps to make the library smart and efficient by organizing the books systematically by author, title and subject. This enables the students to search for books quickly and effortlessly.

Skolaro Library Management System

Generate Barcodes

Skolaro library management system helps to create the barcode for the books to make the issue and return process easier.

Improve efficiency of issue and returns

Manage your entire issue-return process with students and staff members through Skolaro and ensure that all book records are available and accessible when required. This improves the efficiency of the issue and return process.

Simplification of librarian duties

Skolaro library management system helps to provide an ease to the librarian.The librarian operations of addition and deletion of books, tracking books, tracing missing books, and reserving books can be performed very easily.

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Efficient Data Management

Skolaro library management system helps to maintain the data efficiently. The functions of cataloging, indexing, referencing and circulation of books are managed automatically and saved on the cloud for reliable and secure operations.

Automated Reports

Skolaro helps to generate various reports like the total number of books issued in a month, number of books returned, number of times one single book has been issued.

Cost Effective

Digital libraries eliminate the need for extensive paperwork and too many staff. Maintenance overheads and operation costs are reduced with the help of skolaro library management system.

Skolaro Lesson Planning Management System Features

Parent App
Teachers App
Students App
Automated Reports
Efficient Data Management
User friendly
Generating issue/return reports
Generating Library Stock reports
Export Details
Update catalog
Convert your library to digital format

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