Skolaro Inventory Management System

Admins can create and manage the stock of items which needs to be distributed, Make stocks & sections, Alerts for low stock and data reminders.

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What is the Inventory Management System?

Skolaro inventory management system helps to track the inventory. With skolaro you can track the school assets and place orders if required. Admins can create and manage items which need to be distributed among the students. Schools have hundreds and thousands of assets to manage, this is why an inventory management system is required to optimize the inventory management process.

Skolaro Inventory Management System

Cost Effective

Digital libraries eliminate the need for extensive paperwork and too many staff. Maintenance overheads and operation costs are reduced with the help of skolaro library management system.

Know where the school asset are

With the help of Skolaro inventory management system, a school is aware about the asset and knows when to order for new inventory.

Greater Accessibility

Most inventory management systems operate through the use of cloud-based apps and mobile devices. This gives you the ability to log in whether you’re on the premises or off-site.

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Efficient Data Management

Skolaro library management system helps to maintain the data efficiently. The functions of cataloging, indexing, referencing and circulation of books are managed automatically and saved on the cloud for reliable and secure operations.

Automated Reports

Skolaro helps to generate various reports like the total number of books issued in a month, number of books returned, number of times one single book has been issued.

Reduce loss of school inventory

Asset theft is both expensive and disruptive for the schools. Although avoiding theft can be tough, skolaro school inventory system can reduce the risk

Skolaro inventory management System Features

Parent App
Teachers App
Students App
Automated Reports
Efficient Data Management
User friendly
Manage purchase orders
Stock and sections
Item Management
Asset tracking
Stock status summary

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