Skolaro Time Table Management System

Manage teachers workload, generate multi purpose time tables for all your staff, manage guest lectures, manage the free classes, easily manage the classroom allocations

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What is the Time table Management System?

Skolaro time table management system helps to manage your time seamlessly. In a single click, admin can allocate a substitute teacher to the class in case the teacher is absent. The automatic timetable management system promotes the paperless environment. Skolaro time table management system is built considering the wide range of scheduling needs, that supports both the manual and automatic way of scheduling.

Skolaro Time Table Management System

Time Management of lectures & breaks

Skolaro time table management system helps you manage your classes and breaks efficiently. With Skolaro you can create a time table for teachers as per their availability and define the break time as well.

Academic Calendar

Faculties, students, parents, and other staff can check the upcoming academic events, exams, tests, fees, dues, and future study plans in the academic calendar with the help of Skolaro Time Table management system.

Guest Lecture Management

With the help of Skolaro Time Table Management system the admins can arrange special lectures of a guest faculty when required.

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Staff timetable

Skolaro helps the teachers to maintain their timetable so that they can focus on important things and plan out their day accordingly. Teachers can plan their lectures of the month to keep up the pace of completing the syllabus.

Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics have always been helpful to make any decision. Skolaro helps to provide a variety of reports which helps the teachers in managing their time smoothly.

Substitution Management

Skolaro timetable management system helps in arranging a substitution faculty when the prime faculty is not available and that too within just a few clicks the substitute teacher will be notified to take the class.

Skolaro Time table Management System Features

Parent App
Teachers App
Students App
Cost Effective
Managing the time table
Substitution Management
Guest Lecture Management
Messaging system
Multi Campus time table
Report Generation
Faculty Distribution
Subject Allocation

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