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Our Services are extended to all educational Institutions


We provide services to Pre-school, Senior Secondary School, Boarding Schools.


We provide solutions to all kinds of digital branding needs of colleges and universities.


We provide solutions to all kinds of institutes and academies from small to big.

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Content Marketing

Web Copy & Blogging

Great content can instantly boost your search rankings, readerships & enrollments. Whether you are a small institution or have a big group of institutions, your business needs a blog that is authoritative, rich & converts potential leads into enrollments.

Content Asset Creation

Content on different formats like, Press Release, Ebooks, Newsletters, brochures, presentations, videos etc, we can help in creating the best type of content to take your brand to the next level.

Quora Content Seeding

Putting up the right content on relevant O&A forums in order to spread awareness and build the brand image.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy

We help in detailed email marketing strategies. The email marketing strategies we provide help institutions to reachout to their audience regarding admissions, courses available, discounts & promotions, as well as help develop the sales pipeline for upselling & cross- selling activities

Emailer Advertising Campaigns

We design email templates that have a high rate of openings and which accommodate a wide range of information and content styles. Email advertising could be a lucrative opportunity for institutions wanting to start outbound marketing campaigns to generate more leads.

Email Marketing Automation Services

We provide email marketing automation tools for drip campaigns or other emailers in order to do automation.

NewsLetters design services

Newsletters are a great way to keep your key stakeholders updated about latest developments or events happening in your institute. We provide a wide range of verticals while helping institutions roll out multiple versions to better suit your requirements..

Email list maintenance

Email lists are the best way to segment your audience and run marketing campaigns dedicated to a specific segment. This will help you in improving the conversion funnels for each of the segments.

Email Marketing Reporting

Along with planning, execution and deployment of email marketing services, we offer email marketing services for ourCustomers who want to gain in-depth analysis.

Ad Campaigns

PPC audit & Keyword Research

We help institutions figure out their current performance levels and figure out how they can improve their pay per click advertising campaigns and deployment strategies, and ensure that you rank amongst the most viable keywords in your space.

Google Ad Services

We cover the entire gamut of advertising on google for institutions. From text to display ads, we use the latest strategies suggested by google to help your advertisements create the biggest impact.

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram & Youtube Ads

We help your brand rank on other social media platforms as well. This will not only help your brand be seen & heard more often, but also helps to cast a wider net to help you gain followers, get more engagement and create a sales pipeline.


Reach out to past visitors on your website and reignite cold leads to help you further strengthen your enrollment process.

Geofencing & Location based ads

Cast a tighter net & gain the most number of relevant leads by deploying SEO strategies aimed at certain locations. We help institutions successfully deploy location based ads and campaigns so as to keep a continuous flow of traffic directed towards you through omnichannel strategies especially when your business requires an instant boost.

PPC Services

PPC marketing services can ensure that you choose exactly who comes to your landing page or website, from which demographic location & time. This highly targeted method of advertising can ensure a well optimized ROI from your marketing investments.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Services

We offer comprehensive social media marketing services for the institutions. Our capabilities include social media, branding, social media design, organic growth on social media and more.

Facebook Marketing & Page Handling

Marketing on facebook involves knowing in depth about how facebook evolves its algorithms to better suit the needs of its users. We incorporate continuous trend analysis and social media keyword data into our strategy as we help deploy your business’s social media strategy across pages, communities, groups & even paid promotions. We help you promote each & every thing over facebook along with your events.

Instagram Marketing & Page Handling

We help your brand rank on other social media platforms as well. This will not only help your brand be seen & heard more often, but also helps to cast a wider net to help you gain followers, get more engagement and create a sales pipeline.

Social Media Consulting

Apart from social media marketing campaigns & marketing for institutions, we provide social media consultations as well in order to boost your engagement on the pages.

Brand & Design

Branding on Social Media

We offer personal branding on social media as a service. With ClassInApp you not only have your profiles authentically crafted according to your domain expertise, but we also help with reputation management and original content creation as well.

Brand Awareness

Help take your brand to the next level by creating the kind of buzz that makes your business memorable & recognizable. We do this by making your content and presence relevant and addressed at just exactly the right audience. With the right social media strategies, you can not just increase engagement online, but also get valuable feedback about your institution.

Reputation Management

In this era where word of mouth is more valuable than any paid PR organization might do. Online reputation management is necessary for any institution irrespective of how active they are in the digital space.

Website Design & Development

We build websites that boost your profits on auto pilot and increase your brand value - We have dedicated ourselves to discovering every strategy to design websites that convert online traffic into leads and sales. A website which makes a great first impression and encourages the end user to trust you.

Virtual Identity design

From logo designing to website design, we handle end to end development of a brand's complete visual identity.

UI/UX Design

Generate attention grabbing user interfaces that leave no aspect of your user aspect of your user experience unfulfilled. We address both designing and developing aspects with UI & UX Principals. We help the institutions to get the most out of their websites.


SEO is the need of an hour for every business, choosing the right set of keywords helps to ensure organic traffic on the website. We help in optimizing the website with the right set of keywords which can help in boosting the search ranking and get better brand visibility.

Whatsapp & SMS Marketing

WhatsApp & SMS are the most used sources for tapping your audience and following a personal approach in order to make them aware about your brand. WhatsApp creates an impact and helps in hammering the target group for brand recall and conversion. WhatsApp & SMS provides immense reach by connecting instantly with the target audience.

Video Marketing Services

Video has the power to engage & hold the attention of your Customers like no other type of content. We can help you with video marketing campaigns that reach your potential customers. 93% of the businesses are gaining new enrollments as the direct result of the social media video.

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