Skolaro Reports & Analytics

Get 360 degree visibility of your institute with insight driven dashboards, real time analytics help you take informed decisions, and get customized dashboards for each department.

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What are the Reports & Analytics?

Reports and analytics help to provide a 360 degree overview of the institution. The institute can get dynamic reports from any module and assess the shortcomings to take corrective actions. A school can create various reports like admission, results, fees etc and keep a 360 degree track on the overall functioning of the institution.

Skolaro Reports & Analytics System

Customized dashboards

With Skolaro reports & analytics, you can see the key metrics of the areas where you are more concerned about. The purpose is to enable you to keep track of your whole admission cycle, financial transactions, results etc in one go.

Informed decisions

With skolaro insights and reports you can take data driven decisions and take your institute to another heights.

Advanced Filters

Skolaro helps to provide advanced filters which help fish out anything and everything that you need to discover important insights in no time.

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Staff Productivity Reports

Skolaro helps you provide detailed staff reports on how many lectures they have taken, what all classes they are teaching, what all subjects they are teaching etc.

Student Performance Reports

With skolaro reports and analytics you can track students progress and be able to identify the improvement areas. It also helps you make personalized study plans for the students to improve their performance.

User Friendly

The user interface of the system is very simple and can be accessible by anyone even though if he is not much tech savvy.

Reporting & Analysis

Dynamic Reports
Customized Dashboards
360 degree insights
Trends & Patterns
Scores of dashlets
Parents App
Teachers App
Student App
User friendly
Mobile App
Performance Reports
Advanced filters

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