Skolaro Complaint Management System

Institute can provide solutions to the complaints being registered on the portal instantly. Get the list of all the complaints which need follow ups, Manage your institute complaints effectively

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What is the Complaint Tracking System System?

A complaint tracking software helps to deal with the complaints in an efficient manner. Dealing with complaints manually can be a challenging task as most of the times people forget if something was told to them verbally. This is why a complaint tracking system is useful wherein all the stakeholder can feed their complaints and the management can sort it out. It helps to make a separate list of complaints with separate priorities and also helps in providing the list of complaints which need follow ups.

Skolaro Complaint Tracking System

Receiving Complaints

Getting complaints verbal or via paper application is very difficult to track. This is why skolaro helps in providing a platform to all the stakeholders wherein they can put all their complaints which will ultimately reach the management to solve them in an effective manner.

Define Concern category

The management can also define the categories of complaints and assign it to their respective managers to solve.

Admin Dashboard

Skolaro provides an admin dashboard where the admin can check all the complaints and track their status. This dashboard has different sections like follow up, newly generated and solved etc.

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Solving Complaints

If there are different people assigned to dealing with different categories of complaints. This will help the assigned person to track the number of complaints assigned to him and solving them at a faster pace.

Maintaining Complaints

Dealing with too many complaints without delay can be challenging tasks sometimes. And that too when these complaints need to be solved by different admins therefore Skolaro can help you manage the complaints effortlessly.

User Friendly

The user interface of the system is very simple and can be accessible by anyone even though if he is not much tech savvy.

Skolaro complaint management System Features

Receiving Complaints
Maintaining Complaints
Admin Dashboards
Solving Complaints
Reports & Analytics
Manage Stakeholders
Login Panel
Manage Admins
Manage department
Complaint Category
Bad words collection
Complaint details

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