Skolaro Student Admission Management System

Track, manage and convert admission enquiries easily and effectively. Set up admission enquiry form and collect enquiries from any sources.

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What is an admission Management System?

The ultimate aim of any educational institution is to increase the enrollments as it is directly proportional to the business of the institution. A lot of times schools get the enquiries but they find it difficult to convert them as with the dynamic market, the needs of parents & students are also changing. Hence it is extremely important to have a good admission management software in place. There are a lot of other challenges also which a school faces in their admission process. These are the critical areas that need to be addressed in the admission process of any school. That is where the relevance of admission management software comes into picture.

Skolaro Admission Management System

Enquiry Management with online enquiry form

Take admission enquiries online through a link which can be put on a website or other social media pages. The data collected via these links will be automatically stored in the software.

Cost reduction

Skolaro admission management system helps in reducing the costs as it eliminates the need for papers and also saves a lot of time of the administration. It also helps in detecting & eliminating enquiry errors.

Track Application Status

A lot of times, students & parents don’t complete the application and exit in between, this can be retained by providing them an option to resume from where they left earlier. Parents & students can easily fill up the form, upload the docs and pay fees as it has cloud storage and integrated payment gateway.

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Counselors Portal

Maintaining spreadsheets, putting up filters in those spreadsheets is a hectic task, this is why Skolaro provides a complete portal to the counselors wherein they can have the scheduled as well as overdue tasks at one place.

Automatic Communication to the parent & students

With Skolaro you can send notifications to the parents confirming about their form submission, checking up with them on the decision, sending them current student’s journey and other events happening so as to build a relationship with them and helping them with better and quicker decisions.

Design configurable exam form

With Skolaro, you can design the admission form and put in details you require from the parent & student’s side while filling up the form.

Skolaro Admission Management Software Features

Education CRM
Application Automation
Post Application Automation
Counselors Portal
Advanced form builder
Reports & Analytics
User Management
Lead Management
Student Admission Portal
Shortlist/Merit List
Document Verification
Social Plugins

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