Skolaro Gate Pass Management System

Manage arrival and departure of visitors seamlessly. Record the number of visitors entered in the institute premises, prevent an unauthorized visitor from taking entry.

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What is the Gate pass Management System?

A gate pass management system helps the institute to maintain the security as it helps in recording who has visited the institute and at what time. It keeps a check of the number of visitors entering the institute premises and their activity. You can also prevent an unauthorized guest from taking entry in the institute. The details of the particular visitor will be helpful if any issue happens to the institute or a student. Keep your premises safe and secure with Skolaro.

Skolaro gate pass Management System

Live Reporting

Skolaro helps to provide a real time status on the number of visitors entering the institute and the number of visitors who are already there in the institute. You can also limit the number of visitors during specific times or limit it to a certain extent.

Approval based entry

The entry of the visitor is on approval base which means that if the entry of any specific visitor is not approved by the management he won’t be allowed to enter the premises.

Secure institute gates

Set up gates for visitors and give the access of making the gate pass to the security guards. They can fill in the details of the visitor and provide him with the entry pass.

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Manage visitors

You can also divide the visitors into different categories or groups for example VIP visitors or blacklisted visitors. This will help you ensure the safety of your institute.

Design & Create Gate Pass

Skolaro provides different templates for gate pass and a school can also design their customizable format for gate pass.

User Friendly

The user interface of the system is very simple and can be accessible by anyone even though if he is not much tech savvy.

Skolaro Gate pass management System Features

Parent App
Teachers App
Students App
Cost Effective
Automated Reports
Efficient Data Management
User friendly
Safety Enhancement
Time Management
Established infrastructure
Instant documentation
Easy indexing

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