Skolaro Lesson Planning Management System

Create interactive teaching and learning experiences in a remote environment, share rich digital learning content with students, including notes, reading materials, videos and web resources, etc.

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What is the Lesson Planning Management System?

A Lesson planning Management system helps to deliver an immersive learning experience for the students. A Lesson Planning Management System helps to simplify the learning by the teachers by allowing the teachers to plan digital lessons, notes and other documents. A good Lesson planning platform helps to create interactive teaching and learning experiences in a remote environment and also support hybrid learning at the school. Teachers can create relevant digital content, notes, visual diagrams, web links, etc. that can be easily shared with students to meet their learning needs and enhance their unique learning abilities.

Skolaro Lesson planning Management System

Lesson Planning Dashboard

With the Skolaro Lesson planning management system, teachers can define their learning objectives and plan the sequence of teaching for each subject.

Syllabus Tracking

Skolaro helps to track the progress of the syllabus. By tracking the syllabus, the teacher can get an overview of whether the ultimate goal of the lesson plan will be accomplished or not. This can help create a positive learning environment for the students by enhancing the focus on a particular topic of a subject.

Homework Management

With skolaro lesson planning management system, teachers can assign homeworks to the students by uploading the documents and the students can easily submit their homework seamlessly.

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Staff timetable

Skolaro helps the teachers to maintain their timetable so that they can focus on important things and plan out their day accordingly. Teachers can plan their lectures of the month to keep up the pace of completing the syllabus.

Curriculum Management

Skolaro helps in maintaining proper time stamps of each and every resource which also includes the time they have worked beyond their working hours at the end of the day which ultimately helps in calculating the extra amount that needs to be paid to the teachers.

Enhance instruction delivery

Skolaro lesson planning system helps in a unique and distinct way to teach every subject, unlike traditional textbooks. When there is a roadmap for teachers to follow which helps in improving the learning process of the students.

Skolaro Lesson Planning Management System Features

Parent App
Teachers App
Students App
Cost Effective
Notes & documents uploader
Live discussion & monitoring
Syllabus tracking
Classroom Management
Homework Management
Lesson Planning
Customize lesson plans
Access plans from anywhere

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