Skolaro Result Management System

Manage the grades and results of examinations, Allot seats in examination halls, Publish Admit cards, Publish report cards, Get re- evaluation requests.

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What is the Result Management System?

A result management system helps to streamline the examination process. It allows you to take exams online and publish results too. A result management system is an important part of the learning process as it helps in showcasing the performance journey of the students and teachers can also figure out the areas of improvement of the students as it provides all the reports and analytics. A result management system helps teachers to make a customized plan for the students and help in improving their learning. The system helps to save time on processing students' results as the data will be accessible online which ultimately helps teachers to be more focused on the teaching.

Skolaro Result Management System

Set up examination structure

Skolaro helps you set up your examination structure, how many exams will be there in a year, what would be the gap between these examinations, and how would be the grading structure. You can set up your examination structure as per your board and customize it according to your requirements.

Automatic Marks Calculation & Grading

Skolaro helps the teachers in creating customized assessments and exam papers with grading. Once the student attempts the exam, it will be auto assessed by the system and based on the data fed by the teacher while setting it up, the students will get their marks and grades. So it helps in saving teacher’s time so that they can focus on more productive areas.

Generate marks & report cards

Skolaro provides different samples of report cards and you can also build your own customized report card and provide it to the students. This report card can also be downloaded and printed.

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Performance Analysis

Teachers can also analyze the performance of the students and compare it with their past results. Skolaro helps in providing the detailed insights to the teachers on student’s performance so that the teacher can plan for remedial activities accordingly.

Admit Card/ Hall ticket generation

Skolaro not only helps in conducting examinations online but also in generating admit cards and hall tickets. So the students don't need to visit the teachers and collect the admit cards. They can simply download it from the system.

Record every student details

Skolaro helps to store all the information about the students, grades they have obtained in the previous exams, their performance in the past 3 exams or any other sort of information. This helps the teachers to closely monitor the student’s performance and taking corrective measures if required.

Skolaro Result Management System Features

Parent App
Teachers App
Student Data Management
Report Generation
Report Cards Generation
Gradebook Management
Calculate percentage and scores
Exam Time table management
Seat Allocation
Data Export
Print report cards & other certificates

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