Skolaro Transport Management System

Manage bus routes and timings, create stoppage and optimize bus routes, Allocate route to students, Integrate GPS devices, Easy record search etc.

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What is the Transport Management System?

A transport management system helps you track all your buses and optimize their routes. A school operates a large fleet of buses and it gets difficult to track the real time activities of these buses. Parents these days also want the safety of their children. This is why a transport management system is required which helps the school in generating real time updates to the parents, which eliminates the continuous calling of parents to know about the bus status. A transport management system also helps in minimizing the cost of repairs since it helps in optimizing the bus routes.

Skolaro Transport Management System

Transport Alerts to Parents

With Skolaro transport management system, the parents gets real time alert on the status of the buses, so even when the buses are getting late or stuck somewhere in traffic it notifies the parents so they don’t take stress for their child.

Real time tracking of students

Skolaro helps in tracking the buses in real time and automatically generates alerts if there is any change in routes. This helps to assure the parents as well as the school administration as they can track their child’s activity the moment he/she boards the bus.

Vehicle Maintenance

Skolaro helps to maintain the vehicle performance as well as you can feed all the relevant details like insurance renewal, driver license renewal etc and it reminds you from time to time to renew it. Skolaro also helps in optimizing the routes so that the bus consume less fuel.

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Transport details and reports

Skolaro is an excellent record keeping companion for your school. It helps you generate a variety of reports like bus and transport insurance, bus identification details, bus school route details such as distance and mapping the route, etc. It also generates comprehensive reports for various stakeholders that are using school bus or transport services offered by an educational institution.

Ensure Driver Safety

Skolaro not only helps to ensure the safety of students but also the drivers. In any case of emergency skolaro can help you track the location of the vehicle so that the aid can reach quickly.

Easy addition of new routes

Every year new students take admission in the school and the old students leave the school. In such a scenario the bus routes need to be revised. In skolaro you just need to enter the stop which needs to be added and remove the stop which needs to be deleted, skolaro will automatically provide you the best possible route to cover all your stoppage. This ultimately reduces the fuel consumption and minimizes the wear & tear of the buses.

Skolaro Transport Management System Features

Parent App
Teachers App
GPS Tracking
Report Generation
Transport Incharge privileges
Easy Accounting
Prompt transport alerts
Management information solution
Create bus stations
Optimizing bus routes
Easy record search
Easy attendance integration

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