Inventory Management System

Skolaro Inventory Management system allows for both item and vendor management and this application smartly handles sales and returns of goods across all departments in an Institute. This includes damage handling, purchase and sales register, monitoring item usage, inventory balances, reporting inventory status and helps users to quickly access details of inventory.

Skolaro provides an easy-to-use system to precisely manage inventory the way your school, school district, college or universities are looking for. Its barcode-based system efficiently tracks all campus supplies for saving both time and money.

It is well known that asset management for schools and colleges is much like specific asset management .So at Skolaro inventory management software we’re very familiar with tracking assets for schools.

We’ve implemented it in a variety of educational institutions and, along the way, improved it by incorporating in requests and suggestions that our customers have made. That’s why Skolaro is proud to be called as top most school inventory management system as all of our services and applications are flexible which easily track assets and monitor inventory stock levels.

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