Assignment Management System

Skolaro student assignment management system is an application where teacher can set assignments for various classes she handles/ teaches. Students are expected to participate in these assignments related to topics they are part of. Student’s performance in Assessment here may/ may not participate in her overall Evaluation.

The Assignment application supports and helps teachers to create online assignments for students. It has seamless integration with the Gradebook configuration built for the Institute department. Teachers can create assignments that may be applicable to more than one class. This application also support for discussion board for Teacher and students and teachers for an assignment.

The Application is based on template of CCE introduced by NCERT to be followed by schools nationwide. Evaluation or Assessment of Students for Grade 10th is evaluated using guidelines suggested in the Template. On a brief Note Student Scholastic and Co-Scholastic activities are evaluated using marks and grades combined.
Student assignment management software platform by Skolaro allows teachers to assign homework to students using the assignment application. Teachers can create structured quizzes and assign them to students with this ideal student assessment management system. When students submit the results back, the results are automatically graded and the grades are recorded in the grade book also according to CCE, CIE and IGCSE patterns.

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